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Tailor made programs

According to our clients needs, we develop and implement training programs whose content is fully integrated with corporate processes. These programs are applicable only in the organizations we designed them for.

Below you can find tailor made programs we have already implemented. In case you may have similar development needs, feel free to contact us.

Programs Tailored for Sales

  • Cold Calling workshop

  • Retail Approach workshop

  • Coach the Sales Team

  • Key Accounts Relationship Management

  • Managing Difficult Clients

  • Managing Sales Pipeline

  • Qualitative Performance Evaluation in Retail

Programs Tailored for HR

  • Managing Human Resources on Projects

  • Sales & Negotiations Skills in Recruitment and Selection

Programs Tailored for Manufacturing

  • Commercial Communication for Production Planners

  • Effective Project Management Presentation

  • Customer Care training

  • Safety contact

We have the capacity to design the program for you, too!

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