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Training, mentoring or coaching

Sales Coaching

Developmental programs for sales organizations are based upon setting the process of setting base level required abilities and skills for the different roles in the sales organization and then assessing the proficiency of salespeople and sales managers against those required abilities and skills.

Most common development tools applied are training, mentoring and coaching.

Training is using knowledge to transfer sales skills, mentoring is applying experience to develop wisdom and coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his/her performance.

What is the difference between "regular" and sales coaching?

Coaching is developmental. Observation, motivation, and developmental feedback are used as anchor points.

Sales Coaching is helping a sales rep or a sales manager to take and combine his or her knowledge, experience, and ability through the resources of training and mentoring, to enhance that person’s skill, wisdom, and talent.  Still, sales coaching remains within a very specific skills set required by the role one has in his/her sales organization.

Whose job is to coach people?

Above all, it is a job for a Sales managers. No matter  if they are running an entire sales department or just a team of 10, the key responsibility of a sales manager is to ensure his team is enabled to excel by providing consistent, timely and effective sales coaching to every member of that team.

The reality is slightly different. Sales managers do not coach enough for various reasons, they don’t have enough time, they lack of resources, or the they simply don’t know how to coach.

In case you are wondering

Do you need support?

In case you agree with at least one of the following statements, then we are able to help you!

  1. I am not quite happy with my team performance

  2. I don’t have resources (time, budget, etc.) for the development of my people

  3. My leading sales reps do not apply skills acquired in the training

  4. It has been a long time since we had our last training session

  5. I want my new sales reps to reach maximum productivity quickly

Sales Coaching for Teams

Coaching for Sales Teams is dedicated to sales managers who need external support in managing their team(s).

By selecting an external collaborator, you obtain support in the following segments:

  • Development needs assessment

  • Development planning

  • Performance management

  • Talent identification and development

  • Skills development

Coaching for Sales Teams are delivered as packages, based upon team size and services included.

Select subscription according to your needs!

No more struggling about the budgets for people development