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Acclivus R3 Solutions leads the industry with the most comprehensive, highly validated, fully-integrated performance development curriculum designed to arm your entire Sales, Service, and Support teams and their managers with a proven and consistent approach to partnering with your customers and clients.

Because we know that nothing is learned until it is applied, implementation goes beyond the “classroom”. Our systematic Follow Through program ensures that behaviors are fully adopted, and skills translate into measurable business results.


Acclivus Coaching®

Acclivus Coaching® provides sales, services, and support managers with the skills, techniques, and approaches necessary to produce consistently superior results as developers of both people and performance. Program provides a proven approach that allows leaders to have a positive impact on both the performance and development of their people.


Major Account Planning & Strategy™

MAPS™ (Major Account Planning & Strategy) is an ongoing process for achieving lasting, mutually beneficial Business-with-Business® relationships with key players in large accounts. The MAPS workshop is the first critical step in a process of learning to and through performance® as participants create strategic plans for their major accounts. Each account manager or account team selects one major account that represents the greatest opportunity in terms of revenue potential, market influence, and strategic value. Based on insight derived from account analysis, participants apply MAPS principles, approaches, and tools to develop strategic account plans that are valuable to their organizations, valuable to their clients, and formidable to their competitors.

R3 Strategic Sales Presentations®

R3 Strategic Sales Presentations® focuses on the skills and techniques necessary to prepare and deliver strategic capabilities and solution presentations to advance the customer’s decision process. Participants focus on their delivery of targeted and impactful messages necessary to inspire customers to take action.

Consultative Sales

Inside R3 Sales®

Inside R3 Sales® is The Consultative Approach® adapted for sales professionals whose primary selling tools are telephone and e-mail. Participants learn the skills of R3 Sales Excellence but apply them in the fast-paced environment of inside sales.

R3 Sales Excellence®

R3 Sales Excellence® is The Consultative Approach® to Business-with-Business® selling—a proven approach for understanding and influencing the decision process at multiple levels in the most complex client organizations. Participants develop the solid communication framework necessary for ensuring R3 success.

R3 Sales®

R3 Sales® is a structured, consultative approach to Business-with-Business® selling that is designed to enable and inspire participants to achieve strong RELATIONSHIPS, optimal RESULTS, and profitable REVENUE by continually elevating their level of performance.

R3 transACTION®

R3 transACTION® is a sales approach designed to ensure the financial success of a call center or retail business while strengthening customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. Participants learn to develop more profitable transactions while serving as much more than order processors.

Consultative Service


R3 INTERACTION® is intended for retail sales and call centers. Participants learn and apply the principles and skills required to protect and strengthen relationships, results, and revenue—after the sale. The R3 INTERACTION philosophy includes the belief that relationships can be made stronger through the process of effectively managing customer dissatisfaction and disappointment.

R3 Service®

R3 Service® enables service professionals to take communications with customers to a new level. The skills, techniques and approaches provide a framework for interfacing with customers in field or call center service environments. Participants focus on achieving optimal results with product and service solutions and thereby developing stronger relationships and ongoing profitable revenue.

Time and Territory Planning


R3 TOP® (Time & Opportunity Planning) provides the principles and methodologies necessary to create and implement a strategic business plan. During an R3 TOP workshop, sales-people learn the skills and techniques for making smart time-investment decisions, developing specific strategies for pursuing sales opportunities, and developing a healthy sales pipeline. It also provides managers and coaches with a framework for supporting their teams.

Territory Planning & Management™

Territory Planning & Management™ enables sales professionals to create strategic territory business plans that include approaches to expand customer base, increase market share, and build competitive barriers. Through Territory Planning & Management, sales organizations gain insight, the power to see beyond the obvious; and leverage, the ability to produce greater results with less effort.


Getting The Meeting®

Getting The Meeting® inspires and enables salespeople to make more calls and get more meetings. They learn a proven process for preparation and a powerful model for contacting prospects using the telephone, voice mail, email, and traditional mail. During the workshop, participants prepare for and practice making calls with their own prospecting opportunities.

Acclivus Sales Negotiation®

Acclivus Sales Negotiation® is the most highly validated approach to Business-with-Business® negotiation. The program enables professionals to achieve revenue objectives and strengthen customer relationships while preserving their own credibility, the integrity of their products and services, and the profitability of their organizations.

R3 Collaboration®

R3 Collaboration® provides every member of the support team with the best approach to work together to ensure that problems are diagnosed and solved, obstacles are avoided, and needs are identified and met on the way to achieving optimal results for your organization and for your customers and clients.

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