Sales & Negotiations Skills for Recruiters©

Sales & Negotiations Skills for Recruiters© - Online
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Consulting services: Sales & Negotiations Skills for Recruiters© - Online

Program Description

 During our workshop, we will master the following sales skills that will greatly improve your process of selection and recruitment. You will learn to:

  • Manage pipeline of candidates in a way that ensures a healthy flow of candidates with the required competencies

  • Lead the dialogue with customers (internal / external) in a language that provides mutual understanding. Speak both, language of business and language of HR!

  • Understand the decision making process (clients and candidates)

  • Plan interviews with candidates in a structured way and with clear objectives and strategy

  • Guide the dialogue with the candidates in a way that strengthens the relationship, reinforces positive perceptions and improve the process.

  • Use a consultative approach that provides you with an insight into the real candidates needs/drivers for employment or change of job.

  • Apply effective techniques for minimizing and/or excluding misperceptions, skepticism or concerns about the candidate.

  • End each interview with a clear plan of action that involves the client / candidate.

  • Develop and negotiate a solution that satisfies the organizational needs of clients, as well as the expectations of candidates.

Program content

Session 1

  • Recruitment pipeline

  • Clients’/hiring managers decision making process

  • Candidates’ decision making process 

  • Influencing skills

  • Preparation and Interview opening

Session 2

  • Approaches for clients’/hiring managers needs identification

  • Approaches for candidates’ needs identification 

  • Qualify your client/hiring manager 

  • Qualify your candidate

Session 3

  • Manage candidate’s acceptance

  • Close the interview

Session 4

  • Manage candidate s resistance 

Session 5

  • Negotiations in Recruitment

Program is delivered online during five 3-hours-long session. All participants will receive invitation and instructions for accessing online course.


Dragan Vukosavljevic

HiNT - Training & Coaching

In professional training and coaching for last 17 years, Dragan contributed to several international projects focused on Leadership development, Competency modeling and performance management.

Date & Time

November 9, 2020

Start - 2:00 PM Friday

November 13, 2020

End - 5:00 PM Europe/Belgrade

HiNT d.o.o


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