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We provide full spectrum of services relate to your people's individual, team and organizational development

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Consulting services related to your organization’s and employee’s development in our offering are covering the following key areas:

  • Development planning

  • Development budgeting support

  • Competency mapping

  • Competency development

  • Performance management

  • Leadership development

  • Succession and Talent management

Acclivus Consulting Services

The AIM Process is our operating system. It is how we engage with clients to produce lasting results. We developed and validated A-I-M in our work with leading organizations. In every initiative our mission is the same—to measurably improve your relationships, results, and revenue.

Today, the A-I-M Process enables us to combine all the elements of a successful initiative into a simple, proven, repeatable system.

PDA Consulting Services

  • Selection with PDA

  • Leadership development

  • Coaching with PDA

  • PDA Feedback

  • Self-development program

  • Competencies

  • Job descriptions

  • Etc.

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