Customization of Competencies
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Customizing competencies to PDA language allows to generate valuable compatibility studies between the behavioral style of people and the Client’s competencies.

These compatibility studies allow to measure the performance and/or determine the person’s position in relation to the organisation’s competency model.

It also allows to develop and implement programs to accompany each employee in the development or enhancement of the competencies that are considered “key” for each job.

Customisation process

Competencies Manual

The client provides their Competencies Manual containing the corresponding descriptions.

Analysis & interpretation

PDA International Consultants will then analyse the information and translate the competencies into PDA language.


There will be a meeting to present and validate results. If necessary, adjustments are made


The competencies will be incorporated into the Client’s platform in order to generate the competency compatibility reports to then work with employees in their development.

Competency models available on our platform:

  • Korn Ferry competency model

  • Agile competency model

  • Entrepreneurship competency model 

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Customization of Competencies
HiNT d.o.o, Dragan Vukosavljevic
26 November, 2019
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